MECOXI is an iron and steel sector company based in the province of Pontevedra, which from day one has striven to offer its customers the complete manufacture and supply of:

  • Customized laser, high-definition plasma and oxy-fuel cutting of carbon and stainless sheet metal of all kinds of quality.
  • Design and manufacture of industrial machinery
  • Construction and repair of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders.
  • Precision CNC machining.
  • Gear manufacturing and cutting.
  • Boiler-making and welding.
  • Industrial Maintenance.

A differentiating factor

What sets us apart from our competitors in the sector, as far as our production process goes, is that we offer our customers the whole process, for any item of equipment, from completing all the phases to a finished product.

  • Product design.
  • Raw material stock: sheet metal and bars made of (carbon and stainless) steel, polyamides, bronzes, brass, etc.
  • Customized cutting of materials (laser, plasma, oxy-fuel, etc.)
  • Folding and transforming process.
  • Welding process, boiler-making.
  • Completes machining of all the materials (milling cutter, lathe, cutting, drilling, fitting, etc.)
  • Assembly of all the elements, set-up and installation at customer’s premises. Dimensional control.
  • Delivery with own means
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  • Complete processes
    for any equipment.

    We offer our clients the complete process for any equipment, going through completing all the phases until a final product.

  • Certified company
    ISO 9001 / ISO 14000

    We offer our clients the complete process for any equipment, going through completing all the phases until a final product.

  • Qualified professionals
    high degree of experience

    The company currently has qualified professionals with a high degree of experience of several years in the sector.

  • More than 20 years in the sector
    naval, automotive, food, construccion.

    After more than 20 years in the sector , the company has a large client portfolio, diversified in sectors of great importance.

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The commitment of the Company’s management to improve in all aspects of it, has led to the construction of new and modern facilities in the Industrial Estate in Veigadaña – Mos (Pontevedra), where they can exercise their activity, expanding their productive capacity and organization, with new technical and human resources and thus be able to offer greater manufacturing capacity and speed in responding to the demand of our customers.

The evolution of the company is aimed at attracting new national and external markets, contributing firmly for the Internationalization of the company, as a fundamental element in order to guarantee a stable and progressive future. For this, the correct steps are being taken towards the expansion and acquisition of new markets and new clients to whom we offer our services.

The company currently has qualified professionals with a high degree of experience of several years in the sector, formed by; 1st milling officers, turners, adjusters, welders, 1st officers in sheet metal management, Technical Engineers for Design and Quality department, graduates in Administration and Management.

We design and carry out complete projects , in industrial machinery, tooling and CNC machining , counting on it with highly qualified professionals in our sector, which give solution to all the technical needs of our clients. In turn, the personnel assigned to the Quality Department guarantee the complete verification and traceability of the company’s production processes, before, during and after the delivery of the finished product, recording each of the necessary data in each process.

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