Custom steering gear manufacturing, repair, and maintenance

In the naval sector, functionality and precision are essential. Steering gears, crucial components, play a vital role in controlling the direction and propulsive power of vessels. Their proper operation is crucial to ensure both safety and efficiency on the high seas. However, a defective steering gear can lead to considerable economic losses. At Mecoxi, backed by two decades of technical experience in the naval industry, we offer specialized services in the custom manufacturing, repair, and preventive maintenance of steering gears, committed to ensuring maximum performance and reliability.

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Custom Steering Gear Manufacturing:


In a diverse and challenging marine environment, we recognize the need for tailored solutions for each vessel.

At Mecoxi, we are professionals in custom steering gear manufacturing. We collaborate closely with our clients to design and produce steering gears that meet precise specifications.

From dimensions to performance and control features, we adapt each component to ensure efficient operation. Customization and precision are key to our work.

Steering Gear Repair

Even the most robust steering gears may require technical interventions. With two decades of experience in the industry, at Mecoxi, we have the necessary knowledge to address a wide variety of issues. Our specialized technical team uses advanced diagnostics to efficiently and quickly restore functionality to steering gears.

Preventive Maintenance of Steering Gears

At Mecoxi, we understand that prevention is key. Our preventive maintenance services ensure that your steering gears are in optimal condition at all times. We use advanced diagnostics and rigorous maintenance protocols to prevent problems before they become costly disruptions to your maritime operations. Your peace of mind is our priority.

The manufacturing of steering gears for the naval sector is undergoing significant transformation thanks to innovation in design, materials, and automation. Aware of these advances, at Mecoxi, we not only improve efficiency in manufacturing but also strive for sustainable production for the naval industry. The future promises to remain exciting as technology continues to advance, and we will be prepared.

Whether you need highly precise customized steering gears, top-quality technical repair services, or preventive maintenance to ensure consistent performance, we are committed to providing technical solutions that guarantee the success of each component.

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