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We provide carbon and stainless steel sheets from 0.5mm to 300mm


Mecoxi is an innovative company with great experience and knowledge in its sector, dedicated to the cutting, transformation and commercialization of metal products, from industrial sheet metal to metal profiles and tubes..
  • Laser cutting of carbon steel sheet and stainless steel up to 25 mm. thick.
  • High-definition plasma cutting in carbon and stainless steel up to 35 mm. thick.
  • Oxy-fuel cutting in carbon steel plates up to 300 mm. thick.
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Laser cutting

At Mecoxi we are specialists in laser cutting, an innovative technique that can be applied to all types of materials. It is a process that offers great precision and cutting detail, as well as a quality far superior to conventional sheet metal cutting techniques.

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Plasma cutting

It is a sheet metal cutting technique that is based on cutting metals through a strong flow of gas (usually oxygen) raised to a high pressure. This flow of gas is expelled over an electric arc (previously generated by the head itself) bouncing off the metal of the plate.

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Flame cutting

Oxyfuel cutting is a process of cutting metal plates in which the material is divided thanks to the heating of the metal piece through the use of oxygen and propane. It is a technique of cutting carbon steel sheet S-275 JR by oxidation.

Cutting Machinery
  • Essab high-definition plasma and oxigas cutting, machine, 360º rotating head, chamfering, pieces marking up to 40 mm thick in sheet metal carbon and stainless steel. Oxigas cutting up to 250 mm.
  • Trumpf Laser cutting machine, 6000W power, for cutting carbon and stainless steel sheet metal, up to 25 mm thick, with interchangeable 4000×2000 cutting tables.
  • Essab high-definition plasma cutting, machine, for cutting sheet metal carbon and stainless steel, with 360º rotating head, marking and chamfering.
  • Oxy-fuel cutting machine, for cutting sheet metal up to 300 mm thick.


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