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We have reconfigurable centers that can perform several machining tasks on the same part. Our CNC machines are flexible and versatile and minimize manufacturing errors.


Mecoxi is an innovative company that enjoys extensive experience and knowledge in its sector, dedicated to cutting, transforming, and marketing metal products, from industrial sheet metal to metal profiles and tubes.
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Precision machining of large dimensions

At Mecoxi we have the technical means and qualified professionals for the development of any job, providing results and solutions in an agile and professional manner with the aim of always obtaining the satisfaction of our clients.

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Machining of
short series

At Mecoxi we have specialized in machining services for small series parts with high added value, offering a personalized service that meets the highest demands for any sector with high guarantees.

Machining Machinery
  • New Milling centre: 3+2 Axis with rotary table, capacities: 10.000 x 3000 x 2000
  • Continuous 5 axis Machining centre “Mazak”. Capacities: 600 x 500
  • CNC tilting bed lathes, for producing medium to large sized series, with automatic feed, 400 x 500 long mm swing diameter, with live tool, equipped with Fanuc numerical control.
  • CNC horizontal lathes, capacities of up to 1200 mm. swing x 4000 mm. long, equipped with Fagor numerical control.
  • Conventional lathes.
  • CNC milling machines, capacities of 3000x1500x1000, equipped with automatic header and Heindenhain numerical control.
  • Conventional milling machines.
  • Machining centres, capacities 500x400x300, for small parts, equipped with Fagor numerical control.
  • Spur and helical gear cutters, up to Mod.12, capacity up to 1200 mm. diameter.
  • MIG-TIG welding equipment, etc., for all kinds of boiler making assignments.
  • Metrology equipment.


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