New machining center MAZAK – mod. VARIAXIS J-600/5X

Mecoxi incorporates into its production facilities a Mazak machining center, with 5 continuous axes, with a high-precision rotary and tilt table.

The VARIAXIS j-600/5X vertical machining center, with a high-precision rotary and tilt table, is a highly valued solution for those considering simultaneous 5-axis technology for the first time. The machine handles all processes, from raw material input to final machining, to provide drastic reductions in lead times and improve workpiece accuracy through the elimination of multiple setups.

Main features:

  • DONE IN ONE operations (done in a single process) reduce total production time.
  • Rotary and tilt table allows simultaneous 5-axis machining
  • Bolt speeds of 12,000 and 18,000 provide exceptional versatility
  • 18-tool and 30-tool magazines feature automatic tool changers
  • Change tools without having to return the table to its original position
  • Smart features offer easier operations and optimum efficiency
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