Our experience at MINDTECH VIGO 2023

Mindtech 2023 ended yesterday after three intense days in which we took advantage of our participation by generating valuable contacts through B2B meetings and face-to-face meetings, as well as exploring new business and collaboration opportunities.

Together with more than 200 exhibitors, 70 speakers, 15 reference conferences, B2B meetings and visitors from all the leading industries in the sector, Mecoxi took part in the IFEVI of the Metal Industry & Technologies International Trade Fair 2023 for three days.

With Japan as the guest country, in this third edition, the challenges of future mobility, the state of the industry as a whole and the importance of high-impact entrepreneurs and their multiplier effect were discussed.

Leading companies in the technology sector also exhibited the latest developments in automation, industrial and service robotics and how they can transform the industrial fabric towards industry 4.0.

In addition, important female references from the industrial-technological sector opened a debate on the reality of the sector, giving visibility to profiles of women with important positions in the STEAM field.

A new experience that adds to our trajectory and that can be summarized as a highly profitable and inspiring day for the industry and for us.

From Mecoxi we want to thank all those who have made Mindtech a great international showcase to demonstrate that the industry is the future and key to economic and social prosperity.

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